888 The New World showcases the journey from genesis works to rising innovators to the top main artists with curated drops in a vibrant market fueled by digital collectors.


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Submit your work to become a part of the new world.

Submit your work to become a part of the new world.

The Journey



The first step into our world for rising stars to showcase their first ever minted piece and a place for them to be discovered.



The home for rising stars. Once approved, artists can mint and share their work. Artists will have the opportunity to progress to the main zone by a monthly community vote.



Established Artists can mint their own NFT’s and share them with the world. At 888 The New World we certainly believe less is more when it comes to the amount of artwork released.



The pinnacle in an artist’s career. Drop day will be dedicated to one artist and one artist only.

Similar to the traditional art world where artists prepare for months to create an exhibition. This is where artists get the chance to really tell a story through their work.


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What is 888 The New World?

The New World is the only digital art and gaming NFT marketplace founded, built and run by artists. The platform seeks to empower creative communities by ensuring the majority of profits go back to the artists and gamers driving this new medium.

Sustainability is at the core of their mission, ensuring that carbon emissions remain at their lowest. The heartbeat of 888 TNW will forever be its foundation, 8.88% of all profits will go into a foundation which will employ a team of people who will travel the globe searching for artisanal artists in developing nations, helping them transform their physical work into the digital form, which will in turn be auctioned off with 100% of proceeds going to the artists and their local communities.

888 The New World is so much more than a new platform, it’s a place to develop and foster talent, be part of an incredible community and a place for artists and gamers to call home.

When is 888 The New World launching?

While we had hoped to launch this summer, we ultimately decided that rushing was not worth sacrificing the incredible features we intend to integrate to support artists who join 888 TNW.  In taking our time and tracking toward a Q1 2022 launch, we are able to create more opportunities to build a platform that fully supports artists from unique disciplines, including gaming and even music, no matter where they are in their journey.

We promise it will be worth the wait.

What makes 888 The New World different from other platforms?

At 888 The New World we don’t believe in platforms charging artists 15-40% commission to showcase their work and we certainly don’t believe in galleries charging up to 50%. If we truly are going to create a new world then we need to put artists first and that means changing things up a lot. At 888 The New World we believe 8.88% is fair.

How are artists selected to be featured sellers on 888 The New World?

Our marketplace is curated through a stylized submissions process. Each artist will submit their work to the curatorial team that best represents their art style. Our curatorial team regularly reviews the submissions and approves new artists for the platform. 

888 The New World is the only digital art marketplace to implement a roadmap for artists called The Zones. Our Curatorial Directors & Advisors are responsible for assigning artists to a respective zone based on their qualifications and level of experience. 

Each month, artists have the opportunity to advance to the next Zone based either on a community voting system, or our in-house curation process. This process emphasizes and encourages artists to foster relationships between other artists, collectors, and the 888 TNW community at large.

What are The Zones?

In short, The Zones help ensure artists get ample opportunity to shine based on their level of experience. The Zones allow our curators to provide individualized support to artists as they grow & refine their own brands, techniques, and develop relationships with collectors and community members.

Genesis Zone: This is the zone for artists to mint their first NFT. This zone will include artists of all levels, even those who have established their practice in other mediums. The Genesis Zone is a warm welcome and celebration for an artist’s journey into this new space! 
The Innovation Zone: The Innovation Zone is the home for artists who have demonstrated passion, enthusiasm and dedication for their practice. 888 The New World sees artists in the Innovation Zone as invaluable champions in elevating the NFT space. 
The Main Zone: The Main Zone is home to the pioneers, tastemakers, trendsetters, and fierce advocates in the NFT community. The true value in being “early adopters” to this revolutionary technology is that everyone has the opportunity to have an impact. Main Zone artists have been demonstrating this practice since their Genesis release, and similarly, many of our artists have progressed from the Genesis Zone to the Main Zone. 
The Drop Zone: The Drop Zone is the pinnacle moment in an artist’s career. We are committed to dedicating Drop Days to just one artist: this is your moment! We will be by your side every step of the way to ensure your drop is everything you dream it to be. Artists qualifying for The Drop Zone will be reviewed by our full curation team and board of advisors. 

How can I get more involved in the 888 TNW community?

At 888 The New World, we believe the heartbeat of the NFT market is community. We activate the community by offering invaluable programs and events with our curators, advisors, and friends to support artists' growth and promote communal bonding. Regularly scheduled workshops, art critiques, branding brainstorms, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and meet ups are available to all 888TNW community members.

We have also created a community-driven program called “Presented by 888 The New World”. Through this ambassador program, our community leaders are able to program, produce, and present content they feel will strengthen the community and NFT ecosystem at large. To learn more, visit our Community Programming application portal.

What Blockchain Powers 888 The New World?

888 The New World is being built on Flare. Flare is a scalable, low carbon, low cost, highly decentralized smart contract platform that runs the Ethereum Virtual Machine and utilizes Federated Byzantine Agreement-based consensus. The platform’s native token Spark (FLR) enables Flare to unleash the tremendous value and community created by existing tokens that do not currently have native smart contracts. Flare is initially integrating Doge, Litecoin, XRP and XLM. Any other token can be integrated through community governance voting.

Flare is unique in that it derives it’s network structure from its underlying integrated networks, leveraging the decentralization and security of the underlying networks. Flare’s development team features experts from the worlds of electronic engineering, distributed systems, quantum computing, mathematics, computer science, quantitative finance and risk management.